Aspiration Box


Aspiration Box allows simple and easy dust removal in circuit.

  • Compact : Installation requires few space. It can be fitted directly on the inlet of a bucket elevator.
  • Accurate A simple pipe acts as an air column and improves accuracy of separation. This chimney can be lengthened to produce a real density separation at low capacity.
  • Accomodates wide variations in flow rate. The counterweighted flap adjusts automatically and gives a even curtain of grain. It is never a bottleneck at high throughput, although efficiency is better at a lower flow rate.


A flap on the aspiration fan gives a direct and simple adjustment.


The standard 500 mm long air chimney (for BCD 250 , BCD 500) and 1 m (for BCD 650) can be lengthened keeping the same cross section and improve greatly the efficiency and accuracy of this simple device making a simple density separator.

After the chimney, a connection to a standard air pipe, will increase air speed and blow out light impurities to the fan and then cyclone.

Aspiration boxes are now available in hot galvanized steel.

Throughput :

  • BCD 250 : 30 to 50 mt/h
  • BCD 500 : 50 to 70 mt/h
  • BCD 650 : 100 to 120 mt/h

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