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Cleaner Separator - NSD 2


Denis Cleaner Separator - NSD
NSD are cleaners separators, remarkable, complete, simple and compact with some interesting features: 

  • Rubber balls for screen cleaning with no adjustment or maintenance.
  • Final aspiration accurate with a high air lifting chimney, balanced with one aspiration on one grain flow collected from screen boxes, maintaining efficiency with a double grain cascade allowing no fouling or unwanted air entry.
  • Large screen area with standard split screens, allowing easy screen exchange, even after a long run, with a simple release mechanism.

Exemple of  screens for cleaner NSD1 for a Denis cleaner.
For NSD2, multiplicate number of screens by two
NSD série II, with two identical screen boxes, throughput 50 à 70 TPH.


This flexibility allows adaptation of screen settings, diagrams and bringing unusual possibilities for this kind of cleaners.

For commercial or standard cleaning,
all screens are used:
- upper screen (scalping) removes large impurities
- lower screen (screening) removes small impurities.

For pre-cleaning, or when cleaning rapeseed for example, when mere scalping is enough, the lower screen is not generally performing a useful function, only the upper screen is actually needed.
The modular option (outlets and bottom) allows all screens to be used for scalping thus doubling the effective screen area, thus increasing throughput.
On the other hand, when grading malting barley, when only the lower screens are needed for screening with slots 2.50x20, a simple outlets exchange allows all screens to be used for screening thus doubling the effective screen area,thus increasing grading efficiency.

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