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Vibrating Cleaner SVD100

The new cleaner SVD100 (Vibrating cleaner Denis) is the last one of the range of cleaners. Descending from the D100 cleaner, the screens of the former D100 & D200 can be installed in it.

Functional and versatile: this CLEANER has been designed to 10 t/h capacity on cereals, 2 t/h on seeds and also 10 t/h on sorting mixed products. The former D100 & D200 screens can be adapted to fit the Cleaner SVD100. It is designed with a double aspiration of product dust (in inlet and outlet).

Modular and safe: Outlets of the CLEANER can be either on the right or on the left hand side depending on the setting up. Some windows permit to follow the way of the product on upper screens. The CLEANER can be installed on a stand to feed a Seed Treatment Equipment S36 and to bag waste.

Reliable and efficient: This CLEANER is designed with a vibrating movement lead by two vibrators (balancing motors). It is easy to maintain because it has no transmission and these vibrators have long lifetime.

Exemple of  screens for a Denis cleaner.

This flexibility allows adaptation of screen settings, diagrams and bringing unusual possibilities for this kind of cleaners.

For commercial or standard cleaning, all screens are used:
- upper screen (scalping) removes large impurities
- lower screen (screening) removes small impurities.

Exemple of SVD100 cleaner on a stand :

SVD100 sur bati

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