Chain Conveyor Farm Range TCF

TCF chain conveyors have been developed for a farming use, as well as for medium intensity use in storage applications. They can be used for filling and unloading flat bins and conebottom silos. They have the following features:

  • Nominal output 70 or 100 - 120 tonnes per hour* - Bolted galvanized sheet construction - Trunk connected with reinforced fish plates - 6 mm thickness chain support rails.
  • direct drive by geared motor with parallel shafts - self aligning bearings at both ends.
  • ISO standard chain with reduced pitch for quieter operation (sprockets are defined to be quiet and to have a soft fonctioning) - interchangeable wear rails (lower and upper) - threaded rod tension adjuster.
  • specifically designed for installation beneath the DENIS ventilated "infestation-proof" floors - easy mounting - reduced maintenance.

*On basis on wheat Specific Weight 0.75 Humidity 16 %.

TCF Farm Range

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