Mobile Hopper TM219

Mobile Hopper Ø 219 is mobile and versatile enough to receive or reclaim product in situations where it is impossible to dig a pit (on cemented ground, under water, or rock bedding). Built with a receiving-end trough coupled to an variable inclination undertube, this can feed or reclaim a range of devices. Its main strengths:

Effective and reliable: fitted with flow rate control gating to adapt to the recovery system - Low pressure swivelling wheels making it easy to move the hopper - Inspection hatch, bearings and universal joint fitted with greasers for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Modular functionality: hopper with reach-down trough (0.44 m) - variable inclination 15-25° undertube with 4 length options and 3 speeds for a nominal output of 50 to 100 t/h - Options for connection to a variable frequency drive.

Safe and robust: built tough - Low maintenance - Auger flight fully tested to pitch-perfect standard in our own workshops - The hopper comes fitted with a protective shield, meeting the stipulations of the EU "machinery"directive. DENIS


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