Chain conveyor TCL500

Chain Conveyors are for the transport of bulk materials, such as cereals, pellets, ground materials..... with a controlled flow, the conveyors provide a uniform and consistent mass flow and offer the following advantages:

Functional and practical: unit construction, sealed, wide choice of possible configurations: horizontal, inclined, with bend...., alternative types of drive, inlets and outlets pre-positioned as required, minimum residue left, easy to build, compact

Reliable and versatile: different configurations to suit different products and requirements: single direction, transfer, double deck, reversable, discharge...

Robust and economical: with ISO chain, low maintenance

Meticulous preparation and manufacture provide quality: the standard paint finish starts with degreasing, then phosphate primer, before the final coats which are baked at 180°C and applied to each individual part

Options: White food quality paint, hot dipped galvanising

Safety: this equipment conforms with the European Standards for safety and strength and with ATEX, the European Explosion prevention requirements

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