Circular Aspirator - NC500


The Circular Aspirator is an aspiration cleaner intended to remove light impurities.


An adjustable conical valve controls the feed and spreads the grain in a circular and even curtain.

This homogeneous grain curtain combined with an even airflow provides efficient primary aspiration.

A freely rotating 'fan' driven by the airflow helps spread the grain before the secondary aspiration.

The combination of grain regulation and double aspiration provides high separation efficiency for this Circular Aspirator.

Principle of Operation

An overflow box helps to keep the aspirator fed with grain and the conical valve continually loaded to provide an even grain flow.

Adjustment of the conical valve helps to spread the grain flow in a continuous and regular curtain.
A spring compensates for slight variations of throughput.

The aspiration airflow is regulated by an adjustable flap at the outlet of the fan.

Dust loaded air is blown by the fan to a cyclone for dust collection/separation.

Today, only NC500 is marketed and throughput is about 50 mt/h.


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