Bucket elevator Farm Range EGF120

Bucket Elevators allow vertical handling of bulk products such as grains, pellets, powders, etc.

Provided specifically for the supply and the resumption of farm silos nominal at flow rate of 70 t/h or 100 - 120 t/h based on wheat (PS 0.75 - humidity 16%), construction of galvanized sheet metal,

They have the following advantages:

Functional and performance: easy to built -  Constant Flow Rates - Access door and boot clean out slides - removable access panel in - Belt tensioning on boot.

Reliable and versatile: many facilities for multiple applications - Speed of belt adapted to the products - Many choices of engines, qualities of belts and buckets for flexible use.

Robust and secure: Strong and rigid construction - self supporting structure - Anti wear plates with removable and interchangeable plates of 3 mm head and boot - anti-abrasive quality Belt (BS490 / DIN 22102) - Low maintenance -

Safety:This equipment conforms with the European Standards for safety and strength and with ATEX, the European Explosion prevention requirements

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